Income Security

We analyze policy choices and evaluate program interventions relating to income security and self-sufficiency.

Senior staff members at The Lewin Group have more than two decades’ experience working with a variety of income security programs including welfare, child support enforcement, disability and retirement benefits programs, and food stamps. We study employment, job retention, and career advancement services and help develop approaches to assist clients who face barriers to self-sufficiency.

With our experience, we can provide the data and analytic insight to help government agencies address emerging issues affecting income security progams. Our researchers analyze national and state-level data to understand the effects of policies on client outcomes, conduct process studies to assess how policies and programs are implemented, develop models to understand the dynamics of program caseloads and participation, perform literature reviews to draw conclusions from existing research on human services programs, and more.


Our service offerings encompass the evaluation of program interventions, policy analysis and modeling eligibility for benefits, and technical assistance.

Program Evaluation
  • Assess how programs have been implemented
  • Estimate the impact of policy changes and new initiatives
  • Conduct cost-benefit analyses
Policy Analysis and Modeling
  • Develop microsimulation models to assess the impact, cost, and distributional effects of public policies and programs
  • Synthesize quantitative and qualitative data to assess the effect of policies and programs
  • Perform needs assessments
Technical Assistance
  • Monitor program compliance and performance
  • Develop and employ logic models to improve project management and efficiency
  • Design evaluations

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The Colorado Works Program Evaluation

The Colorado Department of Human Services (DHS) hired The Lewin Group to perform an in-depth study of Colorado’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, Colorado Works.

The study provides administrators with information about program strategies and the approaches counties might find useful for improving program implementation, performance, and outcomes. The five-year study, which began in January 2005, was designed in active consultation with DHS and an advisory committee that included representatives of the counties and Colorado’s advocacy community. The Lewin Group is:

  • Creating annual evaluation reports to summarize findings from activities
  • Performing TANF work participation analyses that examine trends in rates over time, characteristics associated with compliance, and the effect of strategies being pursued by counties on rates
  • Conducting caseload modeling to estimate the effects of changes in the population, economy, and program on the TANF caseload
  • Conducting a study of Colorado Works “leavers” to examine how clients fare after exiting TANF

"Throughout the engagement, Lewin consultants listened to us and delivered superb analyses and thoughtful guidance–not canned solutions.