Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The work of The Lewin Group is grounded in an understanding of the multiple systems and interests in the complex and dynamic behavioral health environment.

We help state and federal agencies, foundations, associations, and providers to plan strategically, design and manage effective initiatives, and evaluate the impact of policy and program change. Further, we help clients develop solutions that serve consumers while achieving public policy goals, and we routinely provide public and private sector clients with data-driven analyses and consulting.

The Lewin Group has wide experience working with public agencies and private organizations in tracking, analyzing, and shaping policies related to mental health, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities for all populations.


The Lewin Group offers clients expertise in policy analysis and evaluation of mental health and substance abuse programs and issues. We:

  • Conduct evaluations of existing programs
  • Perform cost-benefit and targeted policy analyses
  • Conduct strategic planning, and identify and pursue cost-effective solutions to challenges
  • Monitor and anticipate system and market trends in mental health service delivery
  • Conduct impact analyses of policies and regulations on mental health service delivery and financing
  • Evaluate strategies to enhance access, quality, and coordination of mental health services
Cost of Illness
  • Analyze costs of medical specialty services
  • Investigate loss of future earnings due to premature death
  • Evaluate lost earnings due to crime/victims, automobile accidents, and criminal justice

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A Resource Guide for State Officials: Implementing and Financing Assertive Community Treatment Programs

The Lewin Group prepared a field-tested and practice-proven resource guide for decision makers in state governments. It provides practical, experience-based information about strategies for implementing ACT programs to assist individuals who have severe and persistent mental illness. Additionally, the resource guide presents a broad overview of ACT program concepts and issues, including:

  • Factors that help or hurt program implementation, such as financing structures, consumer issues, and common concerns
  • A budget simulation model that provides a cost forecasting method to enable states to project costs based on specific population and program design scenarios
  • A companion literature review that offers details regarding assertions about ACT model requirements and the evidence base of research supporting the ACT program

"Throughout the engagement, Lewin consultants listened to us and delivered superb analyses and thoughtful guidance–not canned solutions.