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The Lewin Group Launches Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research

July 16, 2009

New Center Provides Data and Analysis to Policymakers, Researchers and Health Care Providers to Help Set Priorities and Support Fact-based Health Care Decisions

FALLS CHURCH, VA – July 16, 2009 – The Lewin Group, a leading health care policy and management consulting firm, announced today that it has launched The Lewin Group Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research. The new Center was formed to meet the growing need for fact-based, comparative effectiveness research (CER) for use by policy makers, researchers, health care providers and others to improve patient care and optimize resources. The Lewin Group Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research combines Lewin’s research and analysis expertise with key capabilities and assets from within Ingenix, parent company of The Lewin Group.

The Lewin Group Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research has unique capabilities for conducting and supporting CER, combining The Lewin Group’s broad and widely recognized record of independent analysis of health information technology, evidence-based medicine, health care policy and other issues; affiliate company i3’s expertise in clinical trials and study design, drug safety, health economics and outcomes research; and Ingenix data.  Through Ingenix, the Center will have access to robust longitudinal de-identified patient data setsincluding integrated medical, disability, laboratory results and pharmacy claims data.  The staff available to the Center includes more than 1200 health services researchers, clinicians, clinical trial design experts, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, health data experts, health economists, and others.

CER compares the safety, effectiveness, cost and other clinical and economic outcomes of health care interventions used to prevent, diagnose or treat diseases, disorders and other health conditions.  CER findings can be used to support decisions and policies for clinicians, patients, regulatory agencies, third-party payers, health care facilities, public health programs, federal and state policy makers and others.  The Lewin Group Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research will provide analysis of data and policy, and related consulting to support the identification and implementation of CER priorities and advance the state of the art and CER best practices in the United States.  The Lewin Group is currently providing analytical support to the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, as it develops a strategic framework for CER, inventories existing CER projects, and identifies gaps and potential priorities for future CER investment. 

“In consolidating access to our CER expertise, capacity and capabilities from across Ingenix via this Center, we are well-equipped to respond to market demands for CER as a better foundation for health care policy and decision making,” said Clifford Goodman, vice president, The Lewin Group. “Formation of The Lewin Group Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research reflects our commitment to this critical area of research.”  Goodman, a globally-recognized expert on CER and health technology assessment, will act as interim director of the Center, and will continue as an advisor to the Center once the director has been appointed. In addition, Tina Brown-Stevenson, senior vice president, health care innovation and information at Ingenix, and William Crown, PhD, president of i3’s Innovus health economics and outcomes research business, will serve as advisors to the Center.
“As the U.S. government and health care industry work together to transform health care delivery, CER will be fundamental to making fact-based decisions to improve patient outcomes with efficient use of health care resources,” said Lisa Chimento, senior vice president, The Lewin Group. “The investment of more than a billion dollars in federal funding to be used for CER through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 underscores the important role this kind of research will play in setting priorities to improve access to care, care outcomes and resource utilization across the nation.”

The Lewin Group Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research will offer:

  • Development and management of data sets and registries
  • Data analysis, including linked data sets and electronic health records
  • Tools for analysis of longitudinal health outcomes for treatment effectiveness and drug safety
  • Services to conduct and manage institutional review board-approved comparative trials
  • CER technical assistance, CER knowledge transfer and consulting on CER methods and policies

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