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Lisa Chimento Named Executive Vice President of The Lewin Group

September 10, 2007

Lisa Chimento has been named executive vice president of The Lewin Group, replacing Ron Johnson, who has retired. Lisa formerly led Lewin’s consulting practices serving state governments, commercial payers and providers. She joined The Lewin Group in 1994 and has become a nationally recognized expert on Medicaid and managed care. She has assisted more than two dozen state purchasers on a range of Medicaid purchasing and performance improvement efforts. She also consults with federal agencies, insurers, hospitals and health systems, foundations and associations.

The Lewin Group recently was acquired by Ingenix, Inc., a leading health care technology consulting company. Lisa’s appointment from within builds on The Lewin Group’s rich history and powerful brand. As Lewin’s new leader, Lisa will continue to develop Lewin’s consulting strengths, while also helping Lewin to broaden the application of the unbiased measurement and evaluation services that are its hallmark.

“I look forward to continued operational improvements, greater collaboration, and enhanced management of Lewin’s financial, client, and people capital under Lisa’s direction,” said Ted Chien, executive vice president of Ingenix’ Consulting and Employer Solutions. “Lisa will contribute greatly to our group’s reputation as one of the industry’s premier policy and management consulting firms.”

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