Medicaid Managed Care Cost Savings - A Synthesis of 24 Studies : Final Report

March 2009

America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)

In 2004, America’s Health Insurance Plans engaged The Lewin Group to synthesize existing research on the savings achieved when states have implemented Medicaid managed care programs. This report is an update of the 2004 report, and includes both studies from the previous report and studies that have been released since 2004. In all, The Lewin Group reviewed 24 studies. The studies reviewed were identified and selected by America’s Health Insurance Plans and Lewin and include federally required independent assessments, studies commissioned by the federal and state governments, private foundations, and researchers, and one health plan-funded study. Studies are grouped into three categories: state studies, which examine states’ cost savings in their overall Medicaid managed care programs; targeted Medicaid managed care studies, which assess savings in Medicaid managed care programs targeted to specific populations; and specific service studies, which analyze Medicaid managed care program savings for specific services.
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