Policy Research and Data Analysis

Effective policy research brings the best available information to the attention of policymakers and advocates. The Lewin Group has a distinguished record for performing policy research that influences public policy debates. Analyses of a range of alternative policies, using the most appropriate data sets, helps determine whether existing or new policies and programs would be more effective in addressing the challenges faced by the public. The information we gather helps policymakers and stakeholders understand current issues and propose improved policies to meet public goals.

Economic and cost-benefit analysis

We conduct cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses to compare results with the costs of an existing or a new policy or program, and we do this from different perspectives — such as the government agency, taxpayer, those affected or served by the program, and society as a whole — in order to help our clients see wider implications. Our analyses have considered issues such as health financing reform, welfare-to-work programs, child support enforcement, and other health and human services. By evaluating the performance and outcomes of policies and programs, we are able to provide information that will help our clients allocate funding more efficiently.

Administrative data analysis

Our extensive experience and expertise in working with administrative data from all levels of government, as well as the private sector (e.g., health insurance claims), gives unparalleled depth to our data analyses.

We can access and analyze administrative data much more rapidly than a new database can be “scratch-built” or a new study commissioned — although The Lewin Group has a superb record in doing such studies. We work with a variety of data, including Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment insurance, food stamps, child welfare, workers’ compensation, and child support. Our analyses and findings are bolstered by access to proprietary data.

Outcome research

By analyzing program outcome data, we assess how closely a program or policy is aligned with its goals and objectives. Armed with this information, our clients are better equipped to track their progress in meeting goals, and are thereby better able to adjust strategies if necessary.

Qualitative research

We often conduct qualitative research to assess how programs have been implemented and provide feedback on best practices for improvement. We have developed rigorous and thorough methods for interviewing the constellation of stakeholders, including staff, employers, policymakers, program/policy beneficiaries, and advocates in order to reach a comprehensive understanding of our issues and, in turn, help our clients understand problems and alternative approaches.

"No other contractor compares with Lewin for attitude, quality, depth of knowledge, or reliability.”