Program Effectiveness

The Lewin Group blends content knowledge in health care and human services with expertise in the field of program evaluation to inform policy and program implementation. The Lewin Group staff includes experts in qualitative and quantitative methods who maintain research objectivity and rigor, and who use the most appropriate research design to assess the effectiveness of specific programs or policies.

The Lewin Group has experience and expertise in conducting various types of assessments, evaluations, and studies:

Evaluability assessments

Evaluability assessments clarify the program logic and outcome expectations of key program stakeholders, leading to a clear description of program target populations, inputs, outcomes, and metrics for measuring program performance.

Formative evaluations

Formative evaluations guide early implementation decision making to fine-tune strategies for engaging program participants and delivering program services and activities.

Implementation evaluations

Implementation evaluations may provide a detailed understanding of the demographics of program participants, the context in which the program operates, the specific services provided, and the processes used for service delivery, as well as the program outputs and short-term outcomes, including client satisfaction.

Impact evaluations

Impact evaluations seek to establish a causal link between the program or policy under study and the outcomes experienced by program participants, either for the program as a whole or for specific subpopulations. Such impacts can be linked with program costs to establish the benefit cost of a program from a variety of perspectives.

Cost-benefit studies

Cost-benefit studies examine whether the economic benefits of providing a service outweigh the economic costs of providing that service. Cost-benefit studies are often conducted in conjunction with impact evaluations.

The Lewin Group is "the gold standard of health policy analysis..."
- The Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2008.