Strategic Planning

The Lewin Group’s strategic planning services address the needs of payers and insurers; health care trade and professional associations; foundations; consumer and community groups; federal, state, county, and municipal governments; and hospitals and health systems.

While we tailor our approach to our clients’ specific needs, we have found that the following core components are essential in our work with private sector clients:

  • Rigorous market assessment and predictive modeling
  • Realistic analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses
  • Consensus building around effective positioning and performance initiatives

From these core components we build a plan document in which we detail the action steps we will take with our clients to establish a strategic vision for the future that will guide the development of goals, objectives, and metrics.

Environmental analysis and market segmentation

Through extensive environmental scans and trend analysis, we help our clients determine competitive market pricing, facilitate market sizing, and examine policy impacts on strategic alternatives, risks, and opportunities.

Financial analysis and business planning

We help our clients quantify business goals and objectives and then develop appropriate capital and operating plans to achieve them. Through rigorous analysis using proprietary data and tools, we help identify competitive strengths and weaknesses to help our clients obtain appropriate reimbursement for products and services, and nimbly adapt to program changes.

Consensus building and group process facilitation

Collaboration among disparate groups is often the key to success. We facilitate meetings and conferences with key stakeholders to discuss relevant project issues, achieve consensus, and explore alternative methods for successfully meeting goals. In addition, we provide planning support, prepare documents, and facilitate dissemination of information over time.

Product positioning and pricing

We work with our clients in all phases of product and business development to provide comprehensive analysis, implement reimbursement strategies, and identify key market opportunities. We then work with our clients to integrate this information into clinical, regulatory, marketing, and sales plans to help them realize their product’s full market opportunity.

Mergers and acquisitions

Collaborations rarely meet expectations if the case for the transaction is not compelling. The Lewin Group professionals carefully develop the case for these arrangements, facilitate the collaboration process, and measure impacts. We analyze existing systems and identify how to expand them efficiently, as well as perform geographic analysis to help our clients identify the best partners for further expansion.


"Throughout the engagement, Lewin consultants listened to us and delivered superb analyses and thoughtful guidance — not canned solutions."