Technical Assistance

The Lewin Group helps our clients maintain a high level of performance by providing technical assistance, including tools and training. As a precursor, we invest the time and effort necessary to understand how each client’s program functions and the challenges each faces in the design, implementation, evaluation, improvement, and sustaining of its initiatives. Once we understand each client’s particular circumstances and needs, we tailor our technical assistance for optimal fit.

Our 35 years of experience with government and private sector health and human services programs has shown us that effective technical assistance demands continual client and program/grantee contact — both in person and through online resources. Our clients often credit our close working relationship for helping them overcome challenges and achieve goals.

We employ many strategies in our technical assistance:

Learning networks

The answer to any given challenge can often come from the innovative work of those who implement similar initiatives. Through a variety of venues, The Lewin Group creates learning networks to connect implementation leaders and stimulate the exchange of ideas and information. We also identify, distill, and disseminate new information through national meetings, symposiums, teleconferences, webinars, moderated list services, and websites.

Translating research and experience into practice

The Lewin Group identifies evidence-based best practices for program implementation. We deliver lessons learned and strategies proven to enhance program performance. With our years of experience in federal, state, local, and private sector health and human services delivery, we can leverage our large networks of government experts and industry leaders to offer you the best thinking and insight in your field.

Strategic planning

To raise the performance of our clients to their highest level, The Lewin Group helps pinpoint and prioritize agency and program objectives and adapt strategic action plans to build stakeholder investment, improve program implementation, design evaluations that assess strengths and weaknesses, and help sustain operations over the long term.

Quality management and improvement

High-performing programs continuously assess their operations and use the findings to make improvements. The Lewin Group helps our clients develop and implement performance management systems to track program implementation and create indicators for success. We can also build automated management information systems to help track key program metrics and outcome data collected through multiple sources (e.g., online reporting and administrative documentation). We help our clients distill and synthesize data by crafting dashboard reports, evaluative reports, and presentations.

Training, education, and facilitation

Launching and managing a successful initiative hinges on the skills and abilities of those who implement it — leadership, staff, and field operators. The Lewin Group develops curricula — including train-the-trainer modules—and conducts in-person, web-based, and self-directed training to help our clients excel. We provide guidance on launching and sustaining initiatives, and we can help strengthen client programs through stakeholder participation, coalition building, and strategic management.