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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) maintains ISO 9000. This is an internationally recognized standard of quality management systems and the methods for attaining those standards. The Lewin Group's quality management system meets all requirements.

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ISO requirements include:

  • Clearly stated quality objectives
  • Defined processes and procedures  
  • Systems to document performance
  • Uniform review of performance against objectives
  • Periodic review of the quality system itself
  • A codified pursuit of continual improvement

The Lewin Group is committed to:

  • Understanding your current and future needs
  • Providing customized solutions and flexibility
  • Providing objective and rigorous analysis, results-driven strategic thinking, subject matter expertise, and innovation
  • Ensuring continual system improvement 

The Lewin Group provides services that are highly specialized and technical in nature. Our quality management system must be proportionately rigorous.

Each member of The Lewin Group team aspires to meet and exceed the goals set in our quality management system. This ensures we provide you with the highest quality products and services.


Throughout the engagement, Lewin consultants listened to us and delivered superb analyses and thoughtful guidance — not canned solutions.

– Nonprofit health system