Grace Yang

Vice President



Grace Yang is a health economist and data scientist with more than eighteen years of experience conducting health economics research and driving health care innovation. Her work focuses on program evaluation, cost-of-illness research, health promotion and disease prevention modeling, and public health surveillance, especially vaccine safety and effectiveness. Ms. Yang is the program manager on Lewin’s FDA BEST IDIQ and CDC SHEPheRD IDIQ.

Yang is an expert in study design, statistical modeling, and large-scale data management and analytical techniques. She has been evaluating patient clinical, humanistic, utilization and economic outcomes using public and private payer claims data and EHR, in addition to designing and implementing primary surveys, conducting stakeholder interviews, and moderating focus groups. Her most recent engagements involve data innovation and interoperability.

Yang is published widely and is a recognized expert reviewer for several medical and health services research journals. She has an MPA from the University of Delaware and an MA from the Sichuan University.