Steve Johnson, PhD

Vice President



Dr. Johnson has over 44 years of experience conducting health care claims data analytics, primarily using Medicaid data. Dr Johnson has extensive experience using risk adjustment methodologies to evaluate population health and has designed risk adjustment payment systems for multiple state Medicaid programs. He has also designed multiple methodologies for evaluating provider performance both at an individual provider level and health care plans.

Dr Johnson leads the data reporting solution (DRS) capabilities team. This team specializes in analyzing and enriching health care claims with risk adjustment methodologies to provide actionable analytics. The results of these analyses are delivered using business intelligence (BI) tools to provide our clients with the ability to easily drill into their data and evaluate results for their entire population and selected subpopulations of interest. 

During the COVID pandemic the DRS team developed BI solutions to track the spread of COVID and identify hot spots that were adversely affecting minority populations. The team also provided solutions to help clients identify locations for COVID testing and vaccinations to reach underserved populations.

Dr Johnson's team is currently focused on developing BI solutions to identify neighborhoods adversely impacted by health inequities. Once these areas have been identified the team has developed solutions to assist our health care partners to reach out to members in need of assistance to address their health care needs.