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Rich data sets, unparalleled in scope

Lewin® conducts economic analysis and outcomes research from a variety of data sets. This includes 20 years of longitudinal data across 83 million lives. These broad resources allow Lewin to anticipate previously unforeseen consequences in policy implementation.

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Rapid-cycle, field-tested insights

Times of rapid change demand a combination of in-depth analysis with in-the-field expertise. By tying Lewin consulting to analytics and rapid-cycle evaluation and reporting, Lewin can model scenarios, inform resource allocation and monitor quality and expenditures.

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Moving swiftly to improve the public good

Our rapid-cycle evaluation of programs accelerates vetting and refinement. This means our policy research can deliver on-going benefits, even post-implementation.

Our dashboards visualize data to make analysis easier to understand and review. This supports a continued dialogue of innovation across the stakeholder spectrum and speeds investment to where it can have the most impact.

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Assessment of Healthy Indiana Plan

Explore our evaluation of enrollment and utilization of the CMS-mandated program.

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Report on Indian Health Savings Engagement

Lewin studies the efficacy of Indian's "Power" account which works like an HSA.


Strong analytic work, excellent project management, good communicators, eager to please.

– State department of health
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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Lewin's technical capabilities and analytics expertise identify new ways to increase the quality of life for veterans and their families. We have direct, hands-on experience using VA data to uncover health issues facing veterans and the delivery system that serves them.

Our analysts combine sound statistical and economic methods to develop new models and conduct complex analyses. These models can be adapted to strategic planning, budgeting, policy, operational analyses, and health outcomes assessments.

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Related expertise

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Public sector health care programs

Lewin uses statistical rigor to address the needs of older adults and individuals with disabilities.

Health system modernization

Lewin uses data-driven insights to build strategies that address changes in health care delivery.

Value-based payment systems

Lewin helps CMS test its payment structures to encourage higher quality and better care.

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